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Photography has long been both a passion and a profession for many of our talented artists and leadership
team. Since the company’s inception, we have been shooting and archiving a wide range of stunning
photographic images. Our collection includes attractive and captivating photographs of some of mother nature’s
finest landscape, floral, coastal and scenic creations. Additional selections include distinctive still-life and
architectural images that capture unique patterns, textures, colors and other intriguing elements of
photographic art. Any of these images are ideal for use in healthcare, hospitality, corporate and retail
environments. Our photographs are available in a broad spectrum of sizes and shapes, and can be mounted
on substrates as diverse as acrylic, brushed metal and paper for added dimension, interest and beauty.

The photographs shown on this site are but a sampling of the vast archive of photography that we
make available to industry, trade and design professionals around the world. To see additional photographs
from our collection, we invite you to register for access to our online photography gallery. To
schedule a tour of any of our galleries and/or studios, or for additional information, please contact our
customer service staff at 800-842-5487.