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Today, Phoenix Art Group employs a large stable of artists who work on both individual and collaborative works of art. The company is headquartered in an impressive, 70,000 square foot building in Phoenix, Arizona. Additional facilities include an 11,000 square foot, multi-dimensional art studio that is specially designed for the production of mixed media (acrylic, metal and wood) art. Here, pieces range from intimate tabletop sculptures to colossal free-standing or suspended works. These creative environments feature fully-equipped art studios, advanced technologies and impressive gallery spaces. The firm’s ability to accommodate individual and collaborative approaches allow for optimum flexibility and creative freedom, which is manifested in the form of magnificent art. To date, the firm has been commissioned to design and install artwork worldwide—from Las Vegas to New York to Saudi Arabia. Under the watchful eyes and inspirational styles of Cline, Grassia and Hilburn, Phoenix Art Group has become a formidable player in the world of fine art.